Stop Surviving as a Parent and Start Thriving

 ViaParenting inspires parents to be their best in the face of all odds.

The magic of ViaParent Coaching occurs in the space we create together for new ideas, strategies and perspectives to come alive. Using my experience and intentional listening, I will identify blind spots in your life that contribute to breakdowns. With a willingness to be coachable and open, you will experience powerful breakthroughs that can transform all areas of your parenting experience.

My approach to coaching is both gentle and rigorous. I begin with a brief intake to get to know you and your family dynamics. As I begin to understand how your family works, we collaborate to identify areas where breakthroughs will make all the difference.

You are already an extraordinary parent!

With ViaParent Coaching, you will Admit it, Be it, and Know it.

Consider this your pathway to accessing that extraordinary part of yourself and using it to raise your family with vitality, ease and grace.

Together we will fill your toolbox so that you can handle any situation with courage, confidence and peace of mind.

Here are just a few of the areas where I can support you:

  • Learn what motivates your child and use it to everyone’s advantage
  • Influence your family without being controlling
  • Create cooperation as an opportunity for play and growth
  • Improve sibling relationships
  • Enhance family communication
  • Empower potty learning without potty struggles
  • Increase homework cooperation
  • Promote respectful dialogue
  • Engage willing participation in family chores
  • Understand your child’s developmental capabilities
  • Explore the possibility of adoption, foster care or donor insemination
  • Move your family from chaos to tranquility
  • Realize the extraordinary parent within you
  • AND anything else that would leave you parenting with finesse.