Stop Surviving as a Parent and Start Thriving 

ViaParenting inspires parents to be their best in the face of all odds.

How is Parent Coaching Different from Going to a Workshop?
The magic of parent coaching occurs in the space we create for new ideas, strategies and perspectives to come alive.  I listen to your story, identify blind spots, get to know you and your kids (very) well, and customize a parenting strategy that will work for you. 

What Can I Expect From a Coaching Session? 
I help you eliminate the confusion, drama and frustration that comes from parenting so that you can raise  your family with confidence and grace.

What about Online Parenting Classes? 
I’m so glad you asked?  I offer a variety of online support.  In addition to the parenting videos on my Blog, Facebook, and YouTube, I also offer a Sibling Rivalry course and a course specifically designed for parents struggling with preschoolers, called “From Chaos to Tranquility in the Preschool Years.” Sign up for your free toolkits before you get started.    

What types of issues do you help solve? 
We’ll fill your toolbox so that you can handle any situation with your child.   I’ll help you…

  • Figure out what motivates your child from the inside out, so you can stop nagging, threatening and bribing.  
  • Influence your child without being controlling and bossy. 
  • Eliminate meltdowns and feel more connected and close to your child. 
  • Improve sibling relationships so you have a peaceful home.  Check out my FREE Sibling Rivalry Toolkit
  • Enhance family communication so you can be proud of what you role model
  • Empower potty learning without potty struggles
  • Stop the back-talking and resistance
  • Explore the possibility of adoption, foster care or donor insemination
  • AND anything else that would leave you parenting with finesse, whether it’s through private parent coaching or online parenting classes!