Headshot Website ReducedYa know how kids will ask, “How do you spell ____________[like, giraffe or whatever]?” And you say, “Sound it out.” And then you help them figure it out. Otherwise, they’ll never learn to spell on their own. 

That’s how I coach. I teach you to “sound out” parenting so that you can learn to do it on your own and walk away with answers.   

I help you raise kids who are kind and resilient and who feel so deeply connected to you that they’ll want to stay close forever.  

But keeping them close and feeling amazing about themselves during childhood (which can be traumatic) is no easy task. I always say that parenting challenges us beyond measure. It’s the hardest-best thing most of us will ever do. And to do it alone is just dumb. We need community, friends, teachers, professionals and loved ones to remind us that: as challenged as we are, we are equally capable….beyond measure.

So dump your parenting drama on me, and I’ll get you all fixed up…and I’ll leave you feeling capable…beyond measure. 

This is how coaching works. You talk (shamelessly). I listen (deeply).  We process (intentionally). Then, we churn out action plans that rock (repeatedly). And ya know why they rock? Because they are designed with every family member in mind.  

So if you’re ready to…

✔ Start rocking in your parenting (at new levels)
✔ Have each family member live up to their potential (despite all your stress)
✔ Have fun and get creative with me (it’s a team effort)
✔ And transform your family life (so your kid will say, “My childhood was awesome…”)

   …Then contact me to set up a Complimentary Parenting Strategy Session and we’ll talk shop. (Hint: when you sign up for instant access to the Rock Your Inner Mama Mantras, you’ll receive an invitation to book this free phone session via my online calendar. Shh, that’s for those of you who’ve read this far.)

And if you’re still with me AND you’re like, “Yeah, but what are your credentials?”  This section is for you:

  • Rockstar Mom to 3 of life’s best teachers
  • Master’s in Social Work, Children and Family Services, UC Berkeley
  • Parent Educator at Parent’s Place, Palo Alto and San Mateo
  • PCI Certified Parent Coach® , Parent Coaching Institute, Seattle Pacific University
  • Certified Breakthrough Parenting® Coach, Breakthrough Parenting® , Inc
  • Self Expression and Leadership Coach, Landmark Education
  • National Association of Social Workers Award Recipient for research on the Effectiveness of Parent Education
  • B.A. Psychology, UC Santa Cruz
  • Background in foster care, adoption and donor insemination