From Chaos to Tranquility in the Preschool Years

4 Content Rich Audio Sessions

2 Pre-recorded Q&A Coaching Sessions

A Transformational Guidebook

Access to a Private Facebook Group

 and a One Hour Private Strategy Session... 

with Rachel (by phone)

All For Only $497 

*Sale Over! BUT we start a LIVE version of this program in November 2015 which includes 4 private coaching sessions, a buddy in the program and more! Contact Rachel for details!

Attend from the comfort of your home, your car or your favorite coffee shop at your convenience.

If Your Preschooler Is Driving You Crazy,

Let Me Show You How to Move Your Family

From Chaos to Tranquility in the Preschool Years 

Eventually, we all get to the point of losing it with our kids. They are highly skilled at pushing our buttons.

Their budding personalities and need for control can be both adorable and infuriating. We find ourselves swinging from super laid-back and easy-going to suddenly snapping and treating our children in ways we wouldn't want them to remember when they grow up.

Unfortunately, this difficult stage is also the time they develop their self-concept and beliefs about their place in the world, and I want to support you in raising children that feel awesome about themselves and don't drive you crazy.

If you're like my other clients:

The picture at the right resonates with you.

checkmark You are tired of trying a million techniques to get your child to cooperate and you're out of ideas.

checkmark Your child's aggressive and unpredictable behavior is freaking you out.

checkmark You lose your temper more often than you care to admit.

checkmark are ready to make a difference for yourself and your children.

You're In The Right Place

I created the ViaParenting coaching business, because I know, as much as you do, that Parenting Takes Us Places. Just imagine where it has taken you.

Before becoming a parent, I had worked with many children as a camp counselor, at a preschool, worked in juvenile probation and as a child abuse investigator and foster care policy analyst. But when I had my own kids, difficult ones, wow, did that ever throw me for a loop. I was blindsided by the reality of parenting and ached to do it perfectly. As a full time mom, I attended every parenting class and read all the parenting books. But I just kept feeling worse about myself for not doing it "right." I discovered the Parenting Coaching Institute where I learned a new and transformational view of parenting.

"I apply a new and transformational

view of parenting...and ignore everything

I've learned about how to do it 'right'

...And It's Working Like a Charm."

<====This picture was taken on a family trip to Lake Nacimiento, CA. Despite first trimester nausea with baby #3, we had an incredible 7 day camp-out. But, I never would have survived without this new view of parenting.


I Created

"From Chaos to Tranquility in the Preschool Years"

So You Can Learn How To....


checkmark Manage Your Child's Meltdowns with Grace and Ease.

checkmark Implement Parenting Strategies that Work.

Get a Grip on Morning and Evening Routines.

checkmark Resolve Even the Hardest Battles…Gracefully.

checkmark Gain Confidence in Your Parenting Despite What Anyone Says.

checkmark Have Your Whole Family Thrive at Home and Away.

checkmark Create More Time for Your Own Life.

checkmark Stop Feeling Guilty About Your Parenting.

checkmark Motivate Your Child to Cooperate.

The Four Stages in The Chaos to Tranquility Program


Stage 1: The Blueprint for Gaining Perspective

    • Understanding what you can control and what you can't.
    • Discover the 5 most important things you need to consider when your family is in chaos.
    • Know your child and your child will set you free. 
    • Understand your preschoolers development at a whole new level. 
    • Learn your child's temperament and use it to everyone's advantage.

Stage 2: Create a Parenting Plan that Rocks

  • The downfall of traditional problem solving for parenting. 
  • The four steps to creating a sustainable parenting plan. 
  • Applying the four steps during family meetings to prevent future drama. 

Stage 3: Mindful Parenting will Blow Your Mind

  • Mindful parenting revealed. 
  • Understanding the ins and outs of the human brain. 
  • Introducing the three gears of mindful parenting. 

Stage 4: Get Down and Dirty with Strategies for Everyday Parenting

  • Technique for what to do before, during and after and outburst or incident. 
  • Learn more about a special offer for graduates of this program.
  • Scripts, templates and examples GALORE! 

2 Hot Seat Coaching and Q&A Sessions 

  • Witness others walk through the coaching process and apply everything you've learned.
  • Experience the power of creating a safe space for other parents to share.
  • Feel confident in your parenting and a shift in your perspective.

How to Experience The Chaos to Tranquility Program


You can learn how to Move Your Family From Chaos to Tranquility in the Preschool Years from the comfort of your home, car or coffee shop.

At your own pace, you can listen to all 4 stages of this program online or downloaded them to your favorite device. In my years of working with families and being a parent, I've learned that parents needs convenience more than anything and accessing things over the internet is just plain easier.

The program includes a combination of recorded training calls , a powerful guidebook and a private Facebook group. On the Facebook group, you'll have the opportunity to ask me questions and connect with a like-minded community to get as much inspiration and support as you need…all virtually.


The program includes:

checkmark 4 Content-Rich Recorded Training Calls

checkmark 2 Thought Provoking Q&A Sessions Where You Can Learn from Past Participants. 

checkmark Access to our Exclusive Facebook Group

checkmark An Electronic Guidebook (including my notes so you don't have to write everything down!)

checkmark A One Hour Private Coaching Session with Me by Phone (we can accomplish a lot in an hour!) 


This Program is Different From Other Parenting Programs

  1. It's designed to be as convenient as possible for you.
  2. You don't have to get a babysitter, drive there and commit to a schedule.
  3. I offer more than just tips and techniques. I teach you how to create sustainable, long term results that are unique to YOUR family.
  4. You get to experience and bear witness to a transformational shift in perspective.
  5. You gain access to support from me and other parents who "get it" and the support is ongoing.
  6. It's cheap! This program costs a fraction of most group and individual coaching programs and includes so much more.


My Life Isn't "Chaos" Now

But I Want To Prevent Future Drama

This program is still for you. The 4 Stages are designed to support parents at all levels of parenting. We will fill your tool box with communication techniques, strategies, and a fresh perspective that will serve you in the years to come.
Most of the content in the program is applicable to all ages. By strengthening your relationship with your child now, you can avoid many unnecessary hassles in the teen years.


There's No Better Time To Take Action.

Your Children Are Ready...

Whether you have one child or five, boys or girls, they are ready.
Whether you've been wanting to get a little extra support or you've been considering a huge
investment in individual support, this program can give you the boost you need.
Your small investment in this program will pay off for years to come.



My clients have always walked away with more knowledge and perspective than they bargained for. This program prepares parents to make meaningful changes in the way they parent. While I can't guarantee your children will stop tantruming, I'm confident your experience of your family will alter.  In fact, if you work this program and still find that it's not helping you at all, then you may request a full refund up to 30 days after you register.  


The program includes:

~~4 Audio Seminars (90 minutes each) Where I Will Learn:

  • 5 Surprising Questions to Spark My Brilliance as a Parent.
  • My Child's Unique Developmental and Temperamental Needs.
  • The 4 Steps to Designing a Rocking Parenting Plan.
  • Techniques for keeping your cool during the HOTTEST moments of parenting. 
  • Strategies for Prevention and Intervention of Toddler and Preschooler Outbursts.
  • ~~Plus, Written Guides and Easy to Follow Outlines (in PDF format)
  • ~~2 Audio Q&A Sessions (and more to come!)
  • ~~A Private Facebook Group Where You Can Ask Questions and Get Support From Me
  • ~~And a Private Session with Me, Where I'll Create a Strategic Parenting Plan Especially for YOU! 

All For Only $497


Please email me a quick note with any questions or thoughts you have. Your emails comes right to me and I read each message personally! I'd love to hear from you!

I look forward to supporting you!





P.S. If you're still unsure about whether or not you're ready to move your family from "Chaos to Tranquility in The Preschool Years," perhaps you'd like to know how I turned my dreaded morning routine into the highlight of my day. I used the same techniques and perspective shifts that I'll teach you in this program. I'm happy to speak with you personally and share more of my story. Feel free to contact me and we'll set up a free 30 minute chat.