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“Loving my kids comes easy – parenting them does not.  Finding Rachel was like a breath of fresh air.  I finally found someone who got it.  The days after a session with Rachel are by far the easiest ones I have with my kids.”
– Jodee, New Jersey 

 “Rachel really takes parenting support to the next level, giving us a lot more than the standard cookie cutter parenting approach, which failed to be enough for my more challenging kids. The world needs her influence! ”
– Allison, Peninsula 

“Parenting is a ride, a trip in every sense of the word.  Thanks again for sharing how to make it less bumpy.”
– Linda, East Bay 

“Rachel helps me get to the root problem so I can make positive realistic changes!  It is life changing working with Rachel, in a very good way!” – Jessica, New Jersey 

“Once again, I hung up feeling empowered and excited to try the strategies Rachel taught me. I feel confident that I will be a better, more mindful parent after working with her, and I know my boys will be happier and feel more connected as a result.” – Lindsay, Bay Area