May 16, 2015  

   A Personal Note From Rachel     
Hi There, 

As life (and parenting) would have it, I had to abort my mission to send out monthly newsletters. Here’s why: My 3 boys, who are amazing and energetic and exhausting, are also my best teachers. This spring, they taught me to make a difference in the lives of as many people as possible without compromising my connection with them.   

So (while they’re in school), I’ve focused on the deep honor of helping my private clients grow and transform and find peace in their family lives. I’ve also been teaching innovative workshops all over the Bay Area, and I’ve been putting my heart and soul into an incredible Sibling Rivalry Toolkit to help those of you with multiple kids who fight.

I’ve got some great videos to share with you, a new favorite mantra and an invitation. 

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From Sibling Rivalry to Sibling Revelry

Kids Fighting Got You Down?  

Wondering If They’ll EVER Be Able to Get Along?  


  • Raise Kids that Get Along Now, and Later
  • Live in a Peaceful Home, Not a War Zone. 
  • Handle Every Sibling Fight with Grace and Ease
  • Learn to Create Flexibility, Cooperation, Compassion, Groundrules, and Ultimately, Deep Sibling Bonds.
    Space is Limited

    Congregation Shir Ami
    4529 Malabar Avenue 
    Castro Valley, CA 94546

   Mantra of the Month     

Parenting is a Mountain with No Top.
Enjoy the Climb.

inspired by werner erhard and mike jensen re: integrity

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It’s social media month at ViaParenting and I want YOU in on the fun.
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   About Rachel     

Dynamic speaker and parenting expert, Rachel Sklar is one of the Bay Area’s most incredible resources for parents who long for an easier life with kids. 
She is the founder of the parent coaching practice, ViaParenting and creator of the CD:
Rock Your Inner Mama: Guided Visualizations for Mindful Parenting.

Through her signature programs like, 
“From Chaos to Tranquility in the Preschool Years” and “From Sibling Rivalry to Sibling Revelry,”
she has impacted the lives of countless families.
Rachel’s approach to parenting is heart-centered, no-nonsense and fully customizable to the individual strengths and challenges of every family.
To book a workshop and learn more about Rachel’s coaching services, visit her at
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