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Attention Rockin' Moms (And Dad's You Rock Too),

If You're Ready To Rock Your Inner Mama,

You've Come To The Right Place.

 In this CD, I'll Show You How to

Start, End and Live Each Day As An Extraordinary Parent.



"It’s Like A Mental Yoga Workout For Parents." 

I use these practices during parent coaching phone sessions and my clients love them.   They are relaxing, practical and grounded in the core set of principles from which I coach, known as the “Rock Your Inner Mama Mantras.”  My clients wanted these recorded, so here they are for everyone to enjoy.

In this CD, I help you stay confident and cool through all of your parenting challenges.



Let Me Empower You To Be Your Best. 

Your Kids Will Thank You!  Mine Did.

When I started my private practice as a PCI Certified Parent Coach® & Strategist, I began seeing remarkable results in the lives of my clients AND in my own family.   I have two spirited boys who challenge me every day to rise above my ego and dig deep (inside and out) for strength and wisdom.  My children reap the benefits as much as I do.

We all reach a breaking point, and we all need support.


What Are Parents Saying?

“I feel more confident in my parenting, more confident in myself and more present for my son. I often think, “How would Rachel guide me in this situation?”   She offered me tangible tools and skills that I took and applied to my whole life.  I carry these tools and Rachel’s voice with me daily.   Rachel gave me permission to take care of myself in order to make me a better mom.”Michelle, Los Angeles


“Rachel’s visualizations challenge me without making me feel wrong.  Her words guide my thoughts and actions to greater possibilities and deeper connection with my children.  She is a gifted practitioner who delivers results.”Aaron, Bay Area


"This is awesome! I loved the longer track.  It relaxed me and drew me in without hesitation or hard concentration.  The voice is angelic and the music is SO relaxing and hypnotizing.  Your message stands loud and clear.... it's really amazing!  Even for the best of us..."  Eliah, Los Angeles


"Rachel Sklar is truly an amazing Parent Coach.  She keeps me inspired, grounded and focused on my priorities, especially in terms of who I want to be as a mother and how I connect with my kids. More than offering answers, she asks questions that open up reflections for me; and she offers gems that I really believe have helped me be a better and more intentional parent.  This CD will be a useful resource that I will refer to repeatedly.   You will appreciate this amazing gift for yourself.  We ALL deserve it."  Linor, Bay Area


"This is a must for parents because it enables them to manage situations instead of being managed by them.  This CD practically empowers us to be better parents and prevents us from getting to a breaking point.  We are blessed with a level of consciousness that previous generations weren't.  This is a tool that, on an everyday basis, lets us connect to this new way of thinking."  Sarit, Bay Area


How Does the CD Work?   It Empowers You!  

The CD includes a series of tracks that parents can listen to during various points in their day.
These tracks weave together:
  • Practical tips for parents who just need answers in a given moment.
  • Thoughtful questions that encourage parents to look within for those answers.
  • Universal reminders that set the stage for success in any home.
  • New perspectives to help parents refocus their attention and provide much needed hope.

The Rock Your Inner Mama CD is for you if:  

checkmarkYour stress and lack of sleep is filtering down to your kids.

checkmarkYou lose your patience easily, raise your voice, and regret it.

checkmarkYou’re trying to squeeze every last drop out of your day because there’s never enough time.

checkmarkYou’re burned out on parenting but never want to feel burned out on your kids.

checkmarkYou’re at you wit's end with behavioral issues at home.

checkmarkYou’re open to a new and transformational way of thinking about your family.

Actually, any parent can benefit from this series of relaxing sounds, affirming visualizations and quiet reflections on their journey to the heart of parenthood.







Rachel Sklar, MSW
Parent Coach and Strategist


P.S.   Order your CD, listen to a sample or download your copy today.  What are you waiting for?