Are You Ready to Rock Your Inner Mama

Have you ever stopped and noticed yourself being amazing?  We all have those parenting moments when things are just working and we’re proud of how we’re doing.  And then there are those other moments.  Those moments when things just aren’t working.  Our frustration yields impatience or impulsivity and our ability to operate from our deepest parenting values disintegrates.  In those moments, the background conversation is usually something disempowering and negative.

While these thoughts may never cease, we can train our minds to replace them quickly with positive thoughts.  One thing we know from research is that, be they conscious or not, thoughts always precede action.  So, why not take a stab at adding more positive thoughts to your inner dialogue? 

One great way to do this is with mantras.  Mantras are simple statements that you can repeat frequently to reverse your downward spiral of negative thinking.   By paying closer attention to what you want (vs. what you don’t want), you’re training yourself to have positive thoughts that will precede positive actions.  And I won’t lie.  It takes practice.  And here are some examples.    [Read more...]