Parents: Top 8 Tips for Reading “Tips” Articles

Have you noticed that parenting articles and mom bloggers seem to rule the internet?  As I try to break into “the industry” of making a living (and a difference) supporting parents, I’m consistently advised to write articles offering Tips and Tricks for parents.  You know the articles because you love to read them and the titles always catch your eye.  “Top 5 Ways to Instantly Potty Train Your Child.”  “The 7 Steps to Bully Proof Your Kid.”  “3 Surprising Secrets Every Mom Should Know.”  “How to End Whining with 3 Simple Techniques.” 

I resist and I resist.  And I wonder, “Why?”  Why can’t I crank out these articles like every other parenting guru…especially if that’s what it takes to catch your eye?  Perhaps because I don’t know your children as well as you do.  And while I know a lot about parenting and how to help you design a rocking parenting plan for your own family, I can’t do it without tapping into your infinite knowledge about your unique child, your strengths as a parent and your willingness to create and execute what it takes to make a difference in your life. 

So, perhaps this will help.  I’ve put together a little list to push through my own sludge of resistance and to help us all manage the sensory overload of Tip Articles once and for all. 

Here, Moms and Dads, are my 8 Tips for Reading Tip Articles: [Read more…]