Child of Mine: Feeding with Love and Good Sense : This book by Ellyn Satter offers a simple and common sense approach to turning food related power-struggles into positive meal time experiences.

Wholesome Baby Food : Easy Homemade Baby Food & Baby Food Recipes, Solid Food Tips & More!


Common Sense Media : This website provides trustworthy reviews, and detailed information on movies, TV shows, games, apps, books and websites, giving parents enough information to make wise decisions about what is appropriate for their kids.


The Preventive Ounce : This interactive website includes a temperament questionnaire that gives information and parenting tactics specific to your child. Using techniques designed specifically for your child can reduce significant anxiety, frustration and guilt in parenting.


Baby Whisperer Forums : Based on Tracy Hogg’s Baby Whisperer teachings, this expansive on-line forum allows parents to ask questions and get support about eating, sleeping and behavior issues. The moderators provide a wealth of information for each individual and give advice based on Tracy Hogg’s Baby Whisperer approach of respecting and listening to children.

Project Happiness : This nonprofit organization creates “emotional resilience-building programs” that teach social and emotional skills through books, film and educational programs, which support people of all ages to create meaningful and happy lives. Check out their film!


Human Awareness Institute, Couples Workshops: This workshop offers an amazing opportunity for couples to revitalize their relationship. Couples spend a weekend learning how to make their relationship as powerful, deep and committed as it once was. It is a perfect vacation from the kids and a wonderful investment in your family’s future.

Landmark Education : Landmark Education offers a three day workshop that offers people more power and freedom than they ever knew possible, dramatically increasing their quality of life, relationships and, no doubt, their parenting! (It’s among the top five things I’ve ever done in my life).

The Gottman Relationship Institute : This institute provides an array of workshops and products that train couples to dramatically improve their relationship using methods designed by relationship expert, John Gottman.


WYSH, Wear Your Spirit for Humanity : Check out this sweet video for an inspiring way to “wear it forward.” Click on Keep it Reel to view the video. My favorite t-shirt quote from the video: “This Two Shall Pass”


The Vigorous Snuggle, Hand In Hand Parenting : Drop the serious tone and opt for a vigorous snuggle the next time your little one is driving you mad.