Via PHONE Coaching
Stop surviving and start thriving with ViaPhone Coaching services, where you will access your natural ability to thrive as a parent. After a brief intake, we will choose three broad areas in which you want to have a breakthrough. Keeping in mind each individual’s temperament and unique needs, we will design strategies that work for you and your family.  You will finish each session feeling confident, capable and ready for your life.

Via HOME Coaching (East Bay)
Treat yourself to a breakthrough in parenting by meeting me in your home. We will work together to identify the most efficient and effective way for you to find vitality, ease and grace in your parenting journey.

Via GROUP Coaching
Get a group of friends together and let’s talk. I will host a 2 hour roundtable for you and three friends with children at a similar developmental stage. In the comfort of your home, we will delve deeper into your particular struggles, find comfort in the group setting, and create a breakthrough opportunity for each parent. An initial phone consultation with your group’s organizer will shed light on specific issues that may arise. The workshop will be tailored to these issues and each parent will receive a private 1 hour follow up call.

Invite me to your playgroup and I will answer your questions while your children are at play. This is a great opportunity to learn basic techniques around sharing, aggression, limit setting, sleep issues, feeding struggles and more.

Are you considering using Donor Insemination to conceive? Wondering if Adoption is right for you? Perhaps Foster Care is an avenue that intrigues you. I have a special interest and unique background in these areas. Please contact me for a complimentary consultation to learn more.

Via CO-PARENT Planning and Support
I am also available to work with you through the difficult and challenging journey of parenting through separation and divorce. I will work with you to brainstorm the best plan for your family and support you through the experience. With powerful listening and sharing, you will alter your perspective, increase your confidence and find your natural ability to move through the transition with freedom, power and full self expression. Contact me for a complimentary consultation.