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Parenting Expert and Dynamic Speaker, Rachel Sklar is one of the Bay Area’s most incredible resources for parents who long for an easier life with kids. Rachel’s approach to parenting is heart-centered, no-nonsense and fully customizable to the individual strengths and challenges of your family. Learn more about Rachel at


From Chaos to Tranquility in the Preschool Years
In this workshop, Rachel shares her system for getting a grip on morning and evening routines, managing meltdowns, resolving difficult battles gracefully and building confidence in your parenting. She promises to share her best tips for helping kids cooperate and stay close to you when they’re older. She’s going to debunk some frustrating parenting myths, provide an intro to “Mindful Parenting” and generally shed light on how to fix some basic parenting mistakes we all make. View A Sample Flyer Here.

Mindful Motivation: How to Motivate Your Child without Bribes and Threats
Wouldn’t it be nice if your child cooperated for the sake of it and not for the carrot at the end of the stick? In this workshop, Rachel will share her unique system for motivating children from the inside out. You’ll learn the top 3 ingredients you need to raise a self-driven adult, plus you’ll get practical tools for helping your child stay confident in any circumstance…all without promising cookies or taking away screen time.

Parenting with Mindfulness
Mindfulness is gaining traction in the Western World, and research consistently shows that it has the power to improve every area of your life, especially your parenting. In this workshop, you’ll learn effective techniques for decreasing stress and increasing your ability to face difficult parenting moments with pride. You’ll experience fast and easy steps for stopping your automated parenting reactions in the moment and putting your relationship with your child at the forefront of your decision making and discipline. You’ll walk away with fun family-oriented mindfulness activities as well as feelings of deep confidence and satisfaction.

I’m Talking, They’re Not Listening
This seminar will provide specific communication tools you can use to improve your child’s ability to listen to, understand and respond to requests. You will learn what to do when your child is not following directions or understanding limits, and how to prevent anger and frustration from derailing effective communication and discipline.

Mothers of Boys: Growing Boys Into Men
Mothers of boys have to “step up to the plate” for their sons now more than ever before. With growing pressures to be super human at school and perfect gentlemen amid violent and sexy media messages, boys are at enormous risk. In this workshop, we’ll explore the unique mother-son relationship and learn what boys need from their moms. We’ll discuss how to handle “boy energy” and foster long-lasting communication and closeness.

Navigating Boyhood: How to Raise Resilient and Cooperative Sons
Most parents would do anything to raise a boy who is kind, resilient and stays close to them in the long run. But parents are often confused and overwhelmed by their son’s behavior. In this workshop, you’ll gain new insights into the inner workings of your son’s brain and learn exactly what it takes to fulfill his basic needs so that he stays confident, connected and cooperative throughout his childhood.

Supporting Our Boys Through Early Elementary
Many parents wonder how to help their sons navigate the social climate of the early elementary school years. In this presentation, we’ll uncover some of our boy’s most critical needs and explore a few simple but powerful techniques for helping our sons thrive in the face of common social challenges.

From Sibling Rivalry to Sibling Revelry
Understanding the ins and outs of sibling relationships can empower parents to manage sibling rivalry with more grace and ease. In this class, we’ll discuss short-term and long-term plans for keeping the peace. You’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of sibling conflicts, tools to prevent them and answers to those challenging questions about fairness, cooperation, compassion, intervention, ground rules, and ultimately, sibling friendships. Click to view a Sibling Rivalry Sample Flyer.

Building Resilience for Lifelong Success
Join a lively conversation about what it takes to prepare your child for the ups and downs of life. During this workshop, you’ll learn the key ingredients to raising children who can bounce back from challenges and know how to forge relationships that help them keep their heads up high. We will redefine success and gain a fresh perspective on emotional and social intelligence, authenticity, creativity, and innovation in this fast paced, high-tech society.

Unplugging Electronics
This interactive workshop will show parents the pathway to raising an actively engaged family among the realities of smartphones, Facebook, video games and the irresistible lure of the internet. We’ll discuss real tools for how to reduce the influence of media and consumerism on you and your children to increase resilience and social and emotional intelligence.

Ask Away: Get Answers to Your Most Pressing Parenting Questions

What should I do when my kid ____________? How do I get my kids to ______________? Bring your parenting questions, dilemmas, and issues to this supportive class where we’ll help you figure out which golden parenting nugget is best for your family.

How to Rock Your Inner Mama
Ready to feel like a rock star on the parenting stage? You don’t have to be a meditating yogini to practice mindful parenting. In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn the art of mindful parenting and pick up realistic tools for connecting with your child when they need it most. You’ll experience a few tricks of the trade, create a few new tricks of your own, and walk away feeling ready to rock!

Moms In It Together
Wondering why being a mom sometimes feels like a competitive and lonely sport? Tired of feeling like you don’t have your act together when everyone’s watching. Give that up once and for all. Come experience other mothers for all they’re worth…and share your amazing self too. In this workshop, you’ll stop trying to perform at some super human level, and learn the four secrets to lifting up your children, yourself and other moms in every circumstance. With engaging exercises and a spirit of community, we’ll explore what it means to “Rock Your Inner Mama,” as well as your Inner Friend

Via Breakthrough Parenting® Classes
Move your family from struggle to cooperation in this 10 session course, based on Jayne Major’s Breakthrough Parenting® curriculum. In this class, parents learn effective ways to teach responsibility, effective communication and cooperation using love, compassion and trust. Parents will gain skills in disciplining with love, reducing stress, resolving family conflicts and talking about sensitive subjects. (letter of completion and certificate available.)

-Dates and locations will be posted as scheduled.
-Contact me to set up classes for a group of friends or to bring Breakthrough Parenting® to your East Bay agency.
Via FIELD Classes, 10 sessions, 10 participant minimum
Via PHONE Classes, 10 sessions, 5 participant minimum